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Our Team

Kris Bass, PE
Principal, Owner
Kris has been implementing innovative stream, wetland, and stormwater projects for over 20 years. He is passionate about bringing nature based solutions to underserved communities and is active with several environmental non-profits.
Carmen Tormey, EI
Ecological Engineer
Carmen applies her skills with hydraulic and watershed models to develop superior approaches to complex problems. She has designed innovative fish passages, advanced drainage solutions and green infrastructure projects.

Katie Lokey
Environmental Analyst
Katie is a GIS and spatial analysis expert. She is also a specialist in advanced data analysis. Katie leads many of our special study projects including watershed plans, barrier surveys, streamflow and flood studies and monitoring evaluations.
Marilyn Uriarte
Environmental Scientist
Marilyn combines her biology and engineering training to bring a fresh perspective to all of our work. She explores new ways of analyzing and presenting data while developing design solutions of many types.

Simon Gregg, PE
Ecological Engineer
Simon specializes in unique solutions to challenging problems. He has designed everything from complete rainwater harvesting systems, regenerative stormwater conveyances and innovative urban stream restorations.  
Sarah Bass, PE
Project Engineer
Sarah brings extensive regulatory experience to guide our team towards best practices and a variety of approaches.

Connor Brown, PE
Ecological Engineer

Connor has been the lead designer on several of our most challenging stormwater retrofits. He has overseen the repair, conversion, and installation of rainwater harvesting systems, bioretention areas, stormwater wetlands and rain gardens of all sizes.

Anna 1_edited.jpg
Environmental Scientist
Anna applies her environmental  and computer science skills to bring fresh insights to our advanced projects. She is passionate about combining creativity and art with technical analysis.

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