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Innovative Stormwater
Innovative Stormwater

Jack Smith Creek Stormwater Wetland, New Bern, NC

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Stream Restoration
Stream Restoration

North River Farms Marsh Restoration, Carteret County, NC

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Urban Marsh Restoration
Urban Marsh Restoration

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Innovative Stormwater
Innovative Stormwater

Jack Smith Creek Stormwater Wetland, New Bern, NC

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Our Team


Thanks for visiting Kris Bass Engineering. We are a small company with a big mission! To bring experience with innovative and practical solutions to a wide range of projects and clients.  We are passionate about providing accessible expertise and tackling challenging issues. We can provide turn-key design for many size projects and also provide specialized services for your team. Please browse our services and portfolio and let us know how we can help.



  • 200+ stormwater inspections annually

  • 50,000+ feet of stream restoration design

  • 2,000+ acres of wetland restoration design

  • 30+ stormwater wetland designs and at least 20 other stormwater BMP projects

  • Provided support and instruction at over 25 technical workshops 


Contact Us


Kris Bass​

Phone: 919.960.1552



7334 Chapel Hill Road, Ste 104

Raleigh, NC 27606
Recent Projects

Steelman Park Stream Restoration

KBE is working with Davis, Martin, and Powell and Jewell Engineering on this innovative stream restoration in a Greensboro park. The project will reverse the effects of channelization and sedimentation while making the stream an attractive and accessible amenity for the park.

Swearing Creek Watershed Plan

KBE is working with the Piedmont Triangle Regional Council to develop specific stormwater and restoration project opportunities in this sensitive urban watershed. KBE developed detailed concept plans, pollutant removal estimates, and budgets for over 100 potential projects.

Areas of Expertise


Stormwater Inspection Services


Innovative Stormwater Design


Stream and Wetland Restoration

Dam and Barrier Removal


Riverine and Sediment Modeling


Watershed/Stormwater Modeling


Construction Management


Harkers Island Educational Wetland

KBE is working with the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum, National Park Service, and NC State University to construct an educational wetland that treats stormwater runoff. NCSU seniors designed an award winning solar powered pump station that is in use at the site. 

Pigg River/Power Dam Removal

KBE completed a sediment fate and modeling study as part of the design and evaluation process for the removal of the Power Dam near Rocky Mount, VA. We partnered with the Friends of the Rivers of Virginia and the US Fish and Wildlife Service on this exciting project that has reconnected over 75 miles of river!

Clear Run Stream Restoration

KBE is working with Moffat and Nichol Engineering on the design and implementation of over 6,000 feet of stream restoration in Wilmington, NC. This innovative project will improve stability, water quality, and help control flooding in a highly urbanized watershed and residential neighborhood.

Cape Carteret Stormwater Retrofits


KBE is working with the NC Coastal Federation to retrofit two failing stormwater ponds in Cape Carteret, NC. This project involves an innovative infiltrating wetland design and restoration of historic salt marsh. It combines multiple goals of improving infrastructure, aesthetics, and water quality.

CVS Bioretention Conversion


KBE worked with Dragonfly Pond Works to convert a failed bioretention area to a stormwater wetland. Groundwater and soil media were causing drainage issues and making the BMP unsustainable. The new wetland has improved aesthetics, function, and lowered maintenance costs. 

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